Annibutt Lee Boarding Kennels & Cattery
Annibutt Lee Boarding Kennels & Cattery
What Do I Need To Bring?
Listed below is a checklist that you may find handy for when you bring your pet(s) to stay with us. Please note that not all items are considered essential, but those listed on the non-essential list will help your furry friend to feel at home.
1. Vaccination certificate for each pet that will be staying with us (this is like the party invitation - without it 'no invite, no entry'!). This is so that we have proof that every animal is fully inoculated, including the kennel cough vaccine for dogs.
2. On arrival, all dogs must be on a lead and all cats in a secure carrier.
3. A piece of bedding. This doesn't have to be luxurious or expensive, a couple of old towels will be fine, it's just something soft and familiar-smelling for your pet to lie on (we don't supply bedding for hygiene reasons).
You May Also Like To Bring...
1. Food: this only if your pet is on an unusual diet or eats a brand not supplied by us (we supply: Pedigree Chum, Bakers and Wagg complete and Pedigree Chum, Winalot, Butchers and Chappie tinned meat for dogs. For cats we provide: Whiskas and Go-Cat complete and Whiskas, Felix and Kitekat tinned meat).
2. Spare bedding and extra towels for muddy paws.
3. Toys.
4. Treats: please note that, because they are a choking hazard, we will not give bones to dogs.
5. Christmas presents (for your pet, not us!); this is obviously entirely up to you, but for those staying with us on 25th December, if you'd like to wrap a small treat or gift, we'll be glad to open it up with them on the big day.
Finally, whilst we are glad to feed animals their usual diet, please be aware that our storage space is limited so, if possible, please don't bring food in large sacks or containers. We also regret that neither the kennels nor the cat units are sufficiently spacious to accommodate sofas, double beds or any other items of household furniture that has been commandeered by your pet as 'their' bed.

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