Annibutt Lee Boarding Kennels & Cattery
Annibutt Lee Boarding Kennels & Cattery

Kennel Accommodation

The 12 kennels consist of 5 units for small to medium sized dogs and 7 units large enough to comfortably accommodate giant breeds and families of dogs. Each kennel is heated and has a double-glazed window and its own outdoor run which is accessed from the sleeping area via a sliding hatch. The hatches are closed at night and during cold weather so that the sleeping area remains warm and cosy, but are open all day during warm weather. This means that we can maintain the interior temperature so that the dogs are comfortable in all weather thoughout the year.


Routine is very important to dogs and so we feed your dog at the same time as you would do so at home. We provide the mainstream food products such as Pedigree Chum, Bakers and Winalot but if your dog is on a special diet that you wish to provide then we are happy to feed this. We also give the dogs daily treats such as Bonios and biscuits, but again if you would prefer to provide your own treats then we will gladly ensure that your dog gets their usual brand.

Walks and Playtimes

Each dog is walked three times every day on 5 acres of our own land. We also play with the dogs in the outdoor runs, so if your dog enjoys a game of football or fetch please bring a ball and we will be delighted to help them stay in shape throughout their stay. However, not all dogs are confident enough to play and can be nervous in unfamiliar surroundings, in which case we will spend time with your dog, calming and reassuring them, gaining their trust and helping them to settle in and enjoy their experience.

A Word About Homeboarding

There has been a sharp increase in the number of people offering dog boarding in their own homes, and if this is what you feel is the best option for your dog then we genuinely wish you well. However, there are a number of points we would urge you to consider before taking this route. Firstly, anyone can advertise themselves as a homeboarding service but this avenue of the industry is outside the jurisdiction of the relevant authorities and therefore is unlicensed, uninspected, unregulated and often under- or uninsured. Secondly, unlike purpose-built kennels, there is little or no safeguard against the possibility of escape, in-fighting or cross-infection. Thirdly, given the nature of a home environment with its carpets and soft furnishings, it is impossible to properly clean and fully disinfect the dogs' area between guests. Finally, many of these businesses offer additional services such as daily dog-walking for regular clients and home visits for cats, which begs the question; if they are out performing these duties, who is with your dog?

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