Annibutt Lee Boarding Kennels & Cattery
Annibutt Lee Boarding Kennels & Cattery

Cattery Accommodation

The cattery has a total of 15 units of 3 different sizes and shapes offering accommodation for 1 - 3 cats. Each unit has a sleeping area leading to a separate exercise area . All of the units are heated and each has a balcony and double-glazed window with spectacular uninterrupted views over the valley. The local wildlife provides an unending version of 'cat cabaret' and the cats are further entertained by music that plays softly throughout the day.

Individual Care

Some cats are confident and enjoy being brushed or playing with toys and we are happy to spend lots of time with each animal. But we also understand that some cats can be a little wary in unfamiliar surroundings and so we simply sit with nervous cats and provide gentle reassurance. We leave it to each animal to dictate to us how they wish to be treated and we never forget the old adage: 'dogs have masters, cats have servants'!


We provide the mainstream products including Felix, Whiskas and Go-Cat. We are too small a business to run to specialist diets such as those aimed at kittens or cats with sensitive stomachs but if you wish to provide your own food we are happy to feed your cat with this. We also provide treats of tuna and fresh chicken on a regular basis.

Won't My Cat Be Better Off In Familiar Surroundings?

Whilst there are dozens of companies and individuals who offer to visit your cat at home, there are a number of advantages a cattery can offer, perhaps the most important being security. It is all too easy to inadvertently allow a cat to run out of a front door when at home, whereas in our cattery the cats are safely housed in spacious units that are accessed by bolted individual doors, the building itself is completely secure and the windows are designed to allow in fresh air and the wonderful scents of the countryside but are also fully secured. Another consideration is that we offer 24 hour care, not just a once-a-day visit, so there is no chance that your cat will feel lonely, or if your cat is taken ill we are able to respond immediately. Finally, please be aware that anybody can establish themselves as a petsitter but only licensed catteries are inspected and approved by the local authority.

Please note that we regret we are unable to accept entire (un-neutered) male cats over the age of 6 months.

We are located at:


 Annibutt Lee Farm,

Cragg Vale Hebden Bridge


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