Annibutt Lee Boarding Kennels & Cattery
Annibutt Lee Boarding Kennels & Cattery

Why Choose Us?

* We offer experienced and loving 24 hour care for every animal

* Spacious, heated accommodation in peaceful countryside with     outstanding views

* Competitive rates

* The animals' needs come first - for example, the dogs are walked three times a day no matter what the weather and the heating is put on whenever is necessary, be it winter or summer

* We guarantee that your pet's regular routine is disrupted as little as possible, with feeding and exercising carried out according to your wishes

About Us

The kennels and cattery are owned and run by us, Maggie and Rebecca. We take great pride in our business and the standard of care we provide, and assure you that your pets will receive the very best care throughout their stay. Because we don't rely on employees, or worse, seasonal staff, this means that your animals are always attended by the same two people, providing them with continuity and helping them to feel secure and reassured. We constantly receive excellent feedback from our clients who include veterinary and other animal professionals from throughout Calderdale and the surrounding area.

What We Do

As well as the dog-walking and cat playtimes that you will read about in the following pages we also spend a lot of time with each individual animal. Because we are a small concern we have the time to get to know your pets as individuals and to understand their likes and dislikes. We know which of the animals like to be groomed, which enjoy playtimes and which simply like to be cuddled. And it goes without saying that all units are kept scrupulously clean and are fully disinfected between guests. The welfare, health and happiness of your pets are paramount and our greatest compliment is to hear people say 'It's like they've not been away'.

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We are located at:


 Annibutt Lee Farm,

Cragg Vale Hebden Bridge


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